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Priya's Day [TA]

Priya's Day [TA]

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This is an entertaining, interactive, activity book about how little Priya, living in a small village in Tamilnadu, spends her day. Using a sheet of paper to tear into shapes and movements, Cathy Spagnoli weaves a cheerful story about Priya who wakes up early in the morning, rolls up the mat she has been sleeping on and does a whole lot of busy busy things . . . until it is time to roll out the mat again and go to bed, tired and happy, and wearing a big smile. Cathy Spagnoli, the well-known storyteller, imbues the story with the sights and sounds of small-town Tamilnadu as she uses one sheet of newspaper to make all the objects described in the book, including two hills, a coconut tree and a string of jasmines. Children can make their own props/pictures for the story and paste them in the spaces provided on each page.

Language: Tamil and English

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Genre: Bilingual Books


OCLC: 507032967

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