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Yān̲aiyōṭu pēcutal Kāṭarkaḷ con̲n̲a kataikaḷ [TA]

Yān̲aiyōṭu pēcutal Kāṭarkaḷ con̲n̲a kataikaḷ [TA]

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This collection of unusual folklore features the world of the Kadars, a small indigenous community in south India. Originally narrated to the authors by Kadar elders, these stories recall ways of living in forest habitats that hold important lessons for all those interested in regrowing our forests. Textured and evocative illustrations by Matthew Frame bring alive the world of animals and foliage in a tropical forest.

Language: Tamil

Format: Paperback

Pages: 24

Genre: Books in Indian Languages

ISBN: 9789383145911

OCLC: 1041909119

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